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A Guide for Neutral Density Filters

General remarks Brand:B+W ND 110 Brand: Formatt Hitech, JJ-Long exposure kit Brand: LightCraft Workshop, Fader ND mkII Everyone is interested in Long exposure photography needs to know about Neutral Density Filters. I started with my previous post to...
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Calculating exposure times

General terms Long exposure Photography is closely related to Neutral Density filters which are semi-transparent pieces of glass that get placed in front of your lens. What makes them special, however, is that they obstruct a precisely controlled fraction...
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Workshops: The Places Part B

 Workshop of Fine Art Long exposure Photography in Patra History of Patra Antiquity The first traces of settlement in Patras date to as early as the third millennium BC, in the area of modern Aroe. Patras flourished for the first time in the Post-Helladic...