Workshops Details

Group details

  • Maximum number of students is ten (10)
  • In case it is asked there is the possibility for Private Workshops for 1-3 persons or for your own group
  • Depending on Photoshop skills there are going to be different type of groups (Advanced, Intermediate and Beginners).
  • In order to organize better the groups it is necessary for every participant to fill out the registration form.

Field shooting goals

  • Learning to use the ND filters correctly and take the best results.
  • How to succeed longer exposure times and the meaning of multi-exposures technique.
  • Problems with vignetting and blurs and how to avoid them.
  • How to understand if your photo has the necessary ingredients for a Fine Art processing.
  • Vertorama with an easy method and the meaning of it.
  • Long exposure panoramics.
  • Ideal frames for minimal photos
  • Personal vision.

In-door evaluation

  • A careful evaluation of the photos taken during the daily field shooting. All participants must prepare a flash stick with their photos taken during the daily session ( JPG , 72 DPI, 1024px large dimension, no processing).
  • I will define the criteria I use to create my collections
  • All participants must have in raw format the photos taken during the daily session.
  • I will explain in full detail the processing method I use and define the basic parts of a processing inorder to transform it to a Fine art work.
  • Practice time. Every participant under my supervision will work on his photos.


  • The meaning of the Camera Raw and important first steps
  • Working with layers, masks, gradients
  • Dodging and burning
  • Manual blending and tonal processing. Working with selective contrast processing (SCP)
  • How to create manually vertorama and how to process panoramic shots
  • Light adjustments and how to bring pseudo-3D feeling to your photos
  • Special treatments for the sky and sea.

What Else?

  • Many give-away gifts from sponsors
  • Every person attending this workshop will have a careful guidance for a month concerning problems with processing, general questions.
  • Personal supervision of his/her portfolio in case it is asked
  • Newsletters with processing tips of future works of mine
  • Publication of works in a new Facebook page dedicated to my workshops.

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